Sweet Rexie’s is the creation of owner Nanci Lewis. Nanci was raised in Connecticut, spent 12 years living in New York City and after moving back to Connecticut, decided to open a place that celebrated fun. Nanci chose South Norwalk, CT (SoNo) for its neighborhood charm and appeal to families.  Sweet Rexie's moved its location to Fairfield in November 2009, and loves being part of the community there.

The store is named after her two daughters, Rachel and Lexie (Alexandra) and was born of her passion for entertaining children. Early in her career, Nanci worked in her family’s catering business as an event coordinator. She has continued to contribute her organizing talents to several charitable organizations over the years. She also spent several years working for two Fortune 500 companies in both financial and marketing roles. This new venture combines her desire to do something creative with her business skills.

Sweet Rexie’s is not only for kids, but for anyone who wants to “feel like a kid” and be in a fantasyland for a little while. There are more than 200 varieties of candy and gourmet confections, but edible treats are only a part of the story. Nanci has uniquely combined whimsical toys, candy themed clothing, accessories, craft kits, baby items and so much more to compete for one’s attention in a colorful shopping playground. Television screens parade candy fun facts, movies and cartoons. There is even an area to make crafts and try out merchandise that is for sale.

There will be special events scheduled throughout the year to celebrate all the major holidays. Distinctive gift wrap, gift baskets, party favors, personalized products and corporate gifts are all available.