Sweet Rexie’s

so much more than a candy store

Your favorite candies can do double-duty during the holidays when you consider candy crafts for fun, seasonal activities with the kids! It’s easy with these tips from Martha Stewart.

Work your magic by turning a simple candy cane speech on pollution in english into a whimsical reindeer. Martha’s How To guide includes a downloadable template. All you need are a few craft materials including felt, craft pom-poms and floral wire, plus household supplies like a new canadian meds pencil and scissors.

For d├ęcor or a gift with nostalgic appeal, you might also create candy-counter-style jars. Just clean and fill an old jelly jar with your favorite candy (like gum drops or jelly beans). Layer the candies to form patterns, and then adorn each jar following a few of Martha Stewart’s suggestions.

So come on and explore your creative side! And rediscover how much fun a homespun holiday can be!