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No kiss is sweeter than the chocolatey Hershey’s Kiss.

This mouth-sized morsel was first introduced in 1907 and turned 100 in July of this year! While it is uncertain how the Kiss got its name, some believe it stems from the sounds that emanated from the manufacturing process as the small drops of sweet milk chocolate were created.

In the beginning, Hershey’s Kisses were individually hand-wrapped in a silver foil, but by 1921 machines were invented that could automatically wrap greater numbers of the popular treat. Production halted from 1942 to 1949, however, due to the rationing of silver foil during and after World War II.

Since that time, Hershey Kisses have been wrapped in varied colors of foils and have been introduced with different flavor combinations!

In 1990 Kisses with almonds became popular followed by Hershey’s Hugs (with white chocolate) in 1993.

Ten years later later a caramel variation joined the Hershey Kisses line-up.

Today Hershey makes more than 80 million Kisses every day at its chocolate factories in Pennsylvania, California, and Virginia. And, according to company research, “if stranded on a desert island, more than half of Americans surveyed would rather have an unlimited supply of Hershey’s Kisses Brand Special Dark Chocolates than their favorite book!”

For more fun facts on the Hershey’s Kiss, visit the Hershey’s web site for this informative slide show.