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After planning and conducting close to 800 parties, I have a few ideas for different party themes. Someone just asked me the other day for ideas for Valentine’s Day parties for kids so here are some suggestions.

A favorite for the younger crowd is the Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear Tea. For a quick invite idea – get precut heart shapes at a craft supply store and use a bear shaped cookie cutter to cut bear shapes out of colored paper. Glue the bear shape on the heart and then write your party info on the bear. Of course, suggest each guest bring their favorite stuffed bear to the party! You can also find very large hearts at the craft store or your local party shop and use these or large lace doilies for placemats.

Okay – now for the activities. Get some heart shaped temporary tattoos for when guests first arrive to keep them occupied until everyone arrives. You can also put white paper over your table covering and let the kids do heart and bear shaped stamps on the paper. (The white paper will protect your tablecloth and after you finish all crafts you can just roll up and throw out with all the mess.)

Buy store bought sugar cookie dough and roll out, then cut out bear shapes and bake ahead of time. Then let them frost and decorate the cookies with all types of theme sprinkles and heart shapes. Place them in cello bags and seal for them to take home as part of their favor.

I have also found those bear kits at craft stores where you stuff the bear shape with the kids and these kits usually come with an outfit to dress the finished bear in. Then each guest gets to take home a new friend.

Some menu suggestions: Use the bear cookie cutter to cut out bear shaped tea sandwiches with the fillings of your choice. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make watermelon hearts. Do veggie plates and have a small heart shaped bowl in center with ranch, or other dip. Dessert can include any of the following: a variety of different sized heart cookies displayed on a heart shaped platter, heart shaped dessert shells filled with chocolate pudding and a dallop of whipped cream with a teddy graham inserted into whipped cream, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and candy x’s and o’s (made by Jelly Belly) placed on top and pink/white spinkles around the edges, frosted cupcakes with teddy grahams pushed into top of frosting. (You can place chocolate chips in a baggie, melt them and snip the corner of bag to make faces on the teddy grahams before you place on the cupcakes.) Of course, pink lemonade can be the “tea” or a fruit flavored herbal tea can work and serve it in kids’ play tea sets.

Goody Bags – include the craft you made and maybe mini bags of teddy grahams, and any other novelty items you find at your local party store that fit with your theme. You can make name tags with the bear cookie cutter out of colored paper, hole punch them and tie on bags.

You can take this same “tea” theme and not do the teddy bear theme and just have a Valentine’s Day Tea for older children. You would adjust the bear crafts for other crafts – maybe ones I mentioned in a prior post – or get heart shaped containers at a craft store that can be decorated with rhinestone stickers, glitter gel pens and stickers. These containers can be used as the goody bag for end of party. If you want to put items inside for the take home gift, just make up individual cellophane bags before the party with the items you want to include and once the containers are dry, put one bag in each. You can also buy heart shaped beads and let each guest make a necklace.

You can make the menu sandwiches using a heart shaped cookie cutter or use assorted sizes and rest of menu still works. Precut hearts work well as place cards or name cards for goody bags.

Happy Planning!