Sweet Rexie’s

so much more than a candy store

By Nanci Lewis

Back when first starting my career, I worked in the finance department of a very large manufacturing company. Our small team often worked late into the night, but I particularly remember a very busy month when we were all helping my boss structure a huge deal with a foreign government. We stayed round the clock and never seemed to have time for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Stale potato chips from a vending machine pretended to be our nourishment.

The day the deal was finally completed, I arrived home too exhausted to do anything but collapse into a rocking chair on my front porch. I was just drifting into a nap when a delivery truck suddenly pulled into my driveway and a driver stepped out carrying a very large box.

“For me,” I blinked? He smiled and nodded as I began ripping at the cardboard… now awake and excited beyond belief. I opened the flaps with my heart pounding and pawed through the white protective straw to see what was underneath.

Inside was a veritable basket of delights. Boxes of chocolate wrapped in gleaming gold, bags of colorful candy tied with ribbons, huge lollipops with spiraling colors, sugar coated pretzels drizzled with fudge, and even jelly beans made to taste exactly like every possible kind of fruit.

An attached note revealed that the sender was my boss thanking me for a terrific job. Her thoughtfulness boosted my spirits sky high just as my teeth sunk into a truffle filled with thick, creamy caramel. Like magic, my mind began to swirl about how I would do it all over again, for her, for management… and for our company.

What is the moral of this tale? Simply this. Be sure to remember the people who work on your behalf this holiday season. Be they employees, vendors or clients, we all need to know that our hard work has been noticed and appreciated. I never forgot the lesson of that gift basket and when I decided to start my own business, there was only one thing I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to have a business literally filled with joy. Today I am the proud owner of a beautiful, retail candy store named Sweet Rexie’s.

Sweet Rexie’s is a place where huge jars of gumballs, chocolates, candy corns, jellybeans, licorice, nonpareils, gummy bears and hundreds of other treats line one wall, while baby clothes, gifts, simple toys, and children’s books line the other. Right smack in the middle are my own overflowing gift baskets… just waiting to be shipped anywhere my customers wish to send them.

So next time you are thinking about how to thank someone, just remember that a Sweet Rexie’s corporate gift basket filled with gourmet treats is always the answer.

Nanci Lewis is the owner of Sweet Rexie’s on Washington Street in South Norwalk, CT and has perfected the art of the corporate thank you and holiday gift basket. Check out her fine selection in the corporate gift section.From now until Dec 24th, Nanci is offering a 10% discount on all corporate gift baskets purchased online in the corporate gift section.