Sweet Rexie’s

so much more than a candy store

Everyone knows how good it can feel to pick out the perfect gift for a loved one, or to receive a tasty gift basket for a birthday or special occasion, but what a lot of us don’t realize is that these sorts of gifts can also play an important role in building strong relationships with clients and employees at work. Sweet Rexie’s gift baskets are not just for birthdays and personal gifts. A growing list of corporate clients have also been using Sweet Rexie’s treats to reward hardworking people and gain favor with existing and potential clients.

Choosing Corporate Gifts from Sweet Rexie’s

The treats and gift baskets provided by Sweet Rexie’s can be just the right thing to show an employee that their hard work is valued, or to remind a client that you value your relationship with them. Choosing the right gift for someone with whom you have a professional relationship, rather than a personal one, can be difficult, but everyone will appreciate receiving a well-presented basket of treats that they can share with their colleagues, or take home to enjoy with their family. If you are trying to impress an important client, you can send them a box of gourmet truffles, or a basket filled with French or Italian treats. If you are looking for a fun gift to reward a colleague who has done well, or to be shared by a team who have just completed a project, then you might want to give them a brightly packaged tower of gift boxes, each filled with a different treat. Whatever message you want to convey, there is a gift that can do the job.

Why Corporate Gifts Work

It can be easy in business to think of relationships simply in terms of contracts and financial exchanges, but building good working relationships with colleagues and clients takes more than this. Some economists, thinking in purely monetary terms, have gone so far as to suggest that any form of gift giving other than of a financial bonus should be banned as inefficient, but this sort of attitude does not take into account the importance of personal relationships in the business world. People are not motivated solely by the factors that can be incorporated into economic calculations. Research has found that just offering a simple gift can be enough to increase productivity, encourage staff retention and build loyalty with both employees and clients. People will actually work harder when they are given a gift than when they are offered a monetary bonus of the same value. Tasty treats can give people a real boost, and even the simplest promotional efforts to motivate people and build relationships can be remembered for years. Everyone likes to know that they are valued. Gift exchange is an important ritual in our society, and it can have just the same effect in the workplace as it does when people receive gifts from loved ones on their birthday.

The Etiquette of Corporate Gifts

Gift exchange is an important part of the business culture in the US, particularly when it comes to the holiday season, but it can be even more important when you are dealing with clients from around the world. If you are conducting business overseas, or interacting with international clients and partners in the US, then taking the time to find out more about the etiquette of gift giving in their culture can help you to build a better working relationship. Simply giving a gift can be a powerful means of boosting relationships at work, but showing that you have made the effort to learn about the types of gifts that are valued in your foreign colleague or client’s home country, will demonstrate just how important the relationship is to you. Gift giving is particularly important in China and Japan, where there are strict rules governing the types of gifts that should be given, and when exchanges should take place. Gifts are also an important part of business relationships in Latin America and the Middle East, since even the most professional relationships in these parts of the world are believed to be personal relationships too.

Making Corporate Gifts Work for You

All of the benefits that are associated with gift giving in the workplace can be gained simply through taking the time to select an appropriate promotional item or basket to send to your employee or client. It really is the thought that counts when you give someone a gift. The fact that you have chosen to make the effort to choose a gift basket packed with treats will be enough to make the recipient feel that you care.