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I thought I would tell you about some sweet ideas I have used in the past to celebrate this holiday and help you create some fun alternatives to traditional Valentine cards! These ideas can also be embellished by your creativity, so if you like a piece of one and think of a creative way to change it, I’d love to hear from you! I always love to hear about new things. These are great ways to spend time with your children.

This is one I used last year for my daughters to give out to each classmate. It is a Valentine Fortune Cookie idea. It was a little tricky, but once I found the right things that worked, it was very easy. You take felt and cut into 6 inch circles. I prefer to use the heavier craft felt as it’s stiffer and works better for this craft. I have also found the thicker felt with glitter in the fabric already and this adds a little bling to your Valentines! Then cut a piece of florist , or craft, wire (heavy enough to hold shape but not too heavy that you can’t bend it with your hands) and glue to the center of the piece of felt using a hot glue gun. I tired several types of glue and the glue gun was easiest. Fold the circle in half along the wire line and then insert 2 chocolate kisses into the fold. Bend the wire in half now to form the firtune cookie shape. This is where the heavier felt makes a difference because the fabric is heavy enough to stay in place without the candy falling out.

Next make small tags to insert in each fortune. I did mine on my computer and it read, “You will have a sweet year. Happy Valentine’s Day XO, Name” . I then ran off copies and cut with a paper cutter. They should be rectangular in s hape and be able to be put inside the cookie shape.

Next add these to the cookie by inserting in to center and letting just the part with the name or Happy Valentine’s Day and name stick out. Once completed, use the hot glue to just put a tiny tab on edges and seal the felt. It should still be easy enough for the recipient to pull open.

My next idea is Cupids’ Arrow and is super easy. You take the long, rectangular packs of gum (regular, not super sized) and get long frilly picks. They need to be at least 6 inches long. I found ones with red curly metallic fringe on end, but I have also seen with hot pink and silver fringe or strips on end. Then push the pick through the pack of gum and just leave a small amount of the tip exposed. Push this tip into a heart shaped gummy candy. Next use assorted sizes of Valentine stickers or themed foam stickers and decorate the pack of gum. Assorted stickers work best because you can put small stickers on the sides of gum pack to hide all writing and larger on front and back of pack.

You can make hand made tags or again print something off your computer and stick under the edge of one of stickers before you press down on pack of gum. For other variations, you can hole punch and tie to the top of the arrow or put each arrow into a small cellophane bag and tie with ribbon and a tag.

I hope you enjoy making these with your little ones and enjoy some fun time together! Email me at nanci@sweetrexies.com if you ahve questions or want to share your ideas!

Most of all, Happy Valentine’s Day and take some time to enjoy all your loved ones!


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