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My mother used to viagra from canada counsel, “Enjoy everything in moderation.” That’s still good advice today and Jean Lawrence from the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic agrees. “Even candy can be buy cialis tabs healthy – in moderation,” she asserts.


In a Medicine.Net feature Lawrence’s common-sense approach shows how “sweets can be part of a healthy, lifelong eating pattern.” She quotes Hilary Liftin, author of the tongue-in-cheek memoir Candy & Me: A Love Story.

Candy’s meaning,” Liftin says, “has more subtlety than its taste. It affords a fleeting spike of pleasure, sometimes guilty or elusive or bittersweet, like an impossible love affair.”

Lawrence notes that this means sweets should be enjoyed “in small amounts, or only a couple of times a week,” words echoed by Larrian Gillespie, MD, author of The Goddess Diet who adds that “constant self-denial can lead to dietary defiance and end up derailing all your good intentions.”

Of course not all candies are created equally.

Gillespie noted that “some choices are better than others” and “tries to keep her indulgences on the lighter side.” Molly Kimball, a sports nutritionist, “recommends treating yourself to something that is not 100% sugar.” She frequently chooses sweets that include nuts or indulges in small portions of dark chocolate.

For more information on incorporating sweet indulgences into a healthy lifestyle, read Lawrence’s full Medicine.Net .

Everybody needs a hobby and for some that hobby is collecting candy wrappers! The Candy Wrapper Museum is an online repository cialis cheap where this form of paper ephemera is “enjoyed as art, nostalgia, and humor.”

For Darlene Waddington, museum curator, it all began in the late 50s when she began enjoying “classic candy like Bit-O-Honey, Sugar Babies, and Good ‘n Plenty from the earliest years of [her] youth.”

Gradually she decided she “should collect some of the popular wrappers just for posterity, particularly because I saw candy times were a’changin’, with prices going up, candy getting smaller, old classics vanishing off the shelves …”

What resulted is a nostalgic and educational romp through candy’s history.

You’ll find wrappers of some familiar candies as well as some hidden gems, like the Chicken Dinner Jr. The Candy Wrapper Museum even houses photos of treats named after celebrities and cartoons, like the Reggie and Dick Tracy candy bars. What a great way to enjoy candy without any of the calories!