Sweet Rexie’s

so much more than a candy store

Are you a whiz kid when it comes to Whoppers? Savvy about suckers? Or a brain on the topic of bubble gum? Just how much do you know when it comes to the confections we all know and love?

Now you can challenge your candy knowledge with the American Girl Candy Quiz. See if you’ve got the right answers to eight candy questions. And expect some surprising answers as you learn the true history behind some of your favorite treats!


Before you start, make sure you have the Flash 6.0 or later plug-in. It’s free and easy to download. Then, get ready for some good, sweet fun that the whole family can enjoy!

And speaking of American girl dolls, don’t forget that you can submit ballots to win Samantha in our drawing until December 18th…come to the store and go for it!

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